Schematic view of the kitchen area in Floor Plan North. *schematic only, final elevations, fixtures, finishes, and design subject to change.

Schematic view of the kitchen area in Floor Plan North. *schematic only, final elevations, fixtures, finishes, and design subject to change.



Q: How much does each unit cost?

A: We are still working on final pricing. This is largely dependent on zoning, the results from the civil engineer, city of Portland requirements for planned developments, final design of the homes/shared spaces, etc. Currently we are are expecting the price ranges to be between $699,000 to $750,000 dependent upon location within the community, duplex vs. single unit, etc.


Q: What will the homes look like? Will they be differentiated from one another?

A: We have basic elevations, and will have two different floor plans. We do know that the homes will be 1.5 story homes with a 13/12 gabled roof. We are still working on details such as siding choices, shading elements, roofing types, colors, overhangs, entrances, etc. It is our intention to differentiate the homes from one another through the choices mentioned above, but also through landscaping, trees, and fencing around each unit.


Q: Will I have my own private area?

A: Yes. Each home has been situated to include a private fenced in area. A number of the units have spaces backing up to the site boundary or Going St. that will have their own front or back yards. Please see the site plan under the ‘Availability’ tab on this site to see specific areas allotted to each unit. You will be free to install decks, patios, or otherwise customize these spaces as one sees fit after move in day.


Q: Is there a waiting list? Where can I sign up as an interested party?

A: There is currently a 'Reservation Agreement' available that will reserve your spot in the community. It requires a $5,000 fully refundable downpayment that will be used towards the cost of the unit should one elect to sign a purchase and sale agreement. We will contact people in the order of which your call/email was received. We currently have a number of interested parties, but there are still single family and duplex units available.

Q: How much are the HOA fees?

A: This will be determined prior to occupancy; so exact pricing isn’t available at this time. We expect it to be in the $125-$200 per month range.


Q: What other continuing fees will there be? How much are they?

A:  There will be property taxes, homeowner's insurance, water bills, and a utility minimum fee. Pretty typical of any home in our area. Estimated property taxes are in the $6,000 to $8000 per year range. There is a utility minimum fee that is unavoidable that runs in the $20/month range. The homes will have deduct meters for the water, with a main water meter at the street. Each unit will pay its portion of the monthly water bill. Please contact your insurance agent to ask what they estimate the homeowner's insurance to be. 


Q: When will the homes be ready to move into?

A: We are currently expecting the site and homes to be move in ready towards the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020.


Q: What is Passive House?

A: Passive House is the world's leading standard for energy efficient construction. It combines building enclosure efficiency and passive solar strategies in a system for designing and building cost effective, comfortable, energy efficient buildings. Its effectiveness has been demonstrated in projects in every climate zone around the world, ranging from single family homes to very large commercial and institutional structures. More than 50,000 examples have been completed worldwide.


Q: Does each unit have its own garden plot?

A: Yes. The exact size and location is yet TBD.


Q: Are pets allowed?

A: Yes. In the community bylaws there will be rules and regulations that will be determined by the community in regards to respectful and safe pet ownership.


Q: Can I choose my own finishes?

A: Finishes have already been selected and construction is underway so there are very limited options to customize the homes, but please contact us for details.


Q: What are the community rules?

A: The CCRs that will govern the community are currently in process. It is our hope to keep them ‘light’ in order to meet state requirements, but to let the community decide amongst itself after the units are sold if there will be any amendments.